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"The sky is NOT the limit. YOU Are " 

- CarolineINSPIRES 


Who is a CarolineINSPIRES Ambassador? 

A CarolineINSPIRES Ambassador, commonly known as CIA, is a youthful individual whom I recognize as carefully selected, embodying the acronym C.U.R.A.T.E.D. To exemplify the essence of C.U.R.A.T.E.D. is to epitomize a young individual who is not only Creative, Unapologetic, and Remarkable, but also Activating, Teachable, Exceptional, Destined


 Meet the Ambassadors  


Poet | Vocalist | Speaker | Peer Advocate 

“BEYOURMARK means: being the change you want to see in every moment that you live! It means showing up as your best possible self in every space that you step foot into. It means no matter what is happening around you, despite the struggles you may be facing, YOU STILL choose to spread love, light and joy!”

“BEYOURMARK means: walk your journey of life living for the future you. It’s a way of being!”

Poet | Speaker | Entrepreneur | Community Advocate

Poet| Peer Advocate   

“BEYOURMARK means stepping in your own beauty everyday: embracing who you are everyday. Making a mark only you can make. Pushing through when that’s the last thing you wanna do. We all have a mark to make and doing right by you and everyone will make an impact.”

“BEYOURMARK means that no matter what you do or what you believe in, stay you. You have everything already within you, it is just the matter of you needing to unlock it within you. Creating your space and your environment is all up to you and nobody else. Don’t stop until you finish it.” 

Founder of J.A.E.H. Creates | Artist | Musician 


Hair Stylist | #KeilahLoveDaKids 

“BEYOURMARK means: be who you’re supposed to be, and embrace your true beauty. I believe being your mark is bringing out the beauty that's inside you!”

“BEYOURMARK means: take control in your journey, be confident in who you are, expect to leave an impact anywhere you go , and work as hard as you have to in order to achieve any goals that you have!”


Rapper | Barber

“BEYOURMARK means: always be yourself, no matter the circumstances. Being authentic to yourself is the purest form of self love and you can never go wrong with that!”

“BEYOURMARK means: As cheese as this may be. Be yourself! We live in a world where everyone is trying to be everyone but themselves and it’s like whatever happened to individuality and diversity? How are we as a society ever gonna go forth if there aren't new ideas, thoughts, techniques, etc.? Most importantly We come into this world alone and leave alone and so leading up to that moment let's live our lives for ourselves, be ourselves, and leave our mark!” 


Sincerely Su’ad | Just Me


"You don't need nobody's PERMISSION to be who you've been called to be " 



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 C U R A T E D


Youth Experience 

Caroline Be Inspiring 
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